Shadow IT

21 November 2018

The practice of using devices, infrastructures and software not explicitly approved by an organization’s IT department. Behind this generalist approach lie several use cases:   Employees wanting to evaluate software or a solution before its possible implementation. Employees using their phone or personal email to store and/or transmit professional information in order to save time….

Mobile Security

21 November 2018

With smartphones becoming the first screen for professionals and the main access gate to information, it is necessary to protect them to avoid risks associated with hacking and intrusions. This is the role of mobile security. Mobile security is a generic term for a set of actions, tools and strategies to protect smartphones, tablets, bracelets,…


21 November 2018

BYOD is an acronym for “Bring Your Own Device”. It refers to the practice of using a personal device (computer, phone or tablet) in a professional setting. BYOD is a phenomenon that allows employees to use the digital tools best suited to their needs. By working with tools that they know, appreciate and are proficient…